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Smooth Wrinkles / Replenish the skin

Cellular stimulation

Wellbox®[S] cellular stimulation is a 100% natural, non-invasive, and non-aggressive method.

The micro-aspirations of the different Wellbox®[S] treatment heads create a tissue wave capable of gently stimulating the skin.

Now equipped with the new 16 Hz suction (16 suctions per second),
the treatment heads reinforce the skin structure and reshape the contours of the body and face. But not only that...

16 hz
Wellbox®[S]: 5 interchangeable treatment heads,
a multitude of uses.
3 ROLL heads : To slim your body

The painless stimulation of the ROLL heads on the skin accelerates the release of fat, even the most resistant. By targeting the adipocytes (the cells responsible for fat storage) Wellbox®[S] cellular stimulation enables to achieve a thinner, firmer body.

  1. Release fat
  2. Smooth cellulite
  3. Reshape your figure
  4. Boost circulation
  5. Firm body contours
  6. Improve skin quality
Wellbox®[S]: 5 interchangeable treatment heads,
a multitude of uses.
2 LIFT heads : For a youthful face

The flap beats, combined with a sequential suction of the LIFT heads, intensely stimulate the skin. This skin fitness wakes up dormant fibroblasts (skin youth cells), which synthesize once again collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

  1. Brighten your complexion
  2. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Refresh your eyes
  4. Firm facial contours
  5. Tone your décolleté
  6. Release fat
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A younger look and smile.

The LIFT[1] head's flaps pulses gently and deeply to treat the more delicate parts of the face. Its small tissular grab of 1 cm3enables for eye and lip contour treatment

of women treated consider that the wrinkles around the mouth were reduced.*
Satisfaction study carried out in New York by Clinical Research Laboratories (New York, USA) on the personal use of Wellbox® on one-half of the face by 36 women aged 35 to 55, for 4 weeks.